Mayor’s Mansion visit

Highlight of a Zaanse Schans visit is a visit of the Mayor’s Mansion. Resident Ingrid Marsman, welcomes you inside. As an actress she plays the role of Kaatje Slagter who lived in the house in 1850, with her husband,  Mayor Teunis Slagter, and their three children. For individuals on the Village Walk, the visit is included. For private groups it can be added to the Village Walk or booked seperately as a unique part of your own program, with your own guides. 

Inside, she proudly shows off her doll house and antique furniture. Private homes are normally not open to the public, so this is a unique opportunity you cannot miss out on. In the dining room Kaatje offers tea, lemonade and typical Dutch cookies. A short documentary shos the history of the house and the Zaan region. This visit takes around 20 minutes and can be extended in case of special occasions, like meetings and visits with catering. You can book a visit to the Mayor’s Mansion in combination with a theatrical walking tour or separately. All programs are in Dutch or English. Many other languages on request. We can also arrange transportation, boat rides on the Zaan river, restaurants, etc.




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