Private Village Walk

Your group can enjoy a theatrical Village Walk at the Zaanse Schans, performed by Ingrid Marsman, a local resident, guide and actress. Join Kaatje Slagter a Mayor’s wife from 1850 on her Private Village Walk. She knows everything about her neighborhood and gladly shares the latest gossip with you. Dressed in her favorite Zaan costume, she lets you relive times gone by.

Mayor’s Mansion visit

The tour of your choice can be combined with a private visit to the Mayor’s Mansion. You can also book the Mayor’s Mansion visit separately, for example as a part of a tour with your own guide.

The Mayor’s Mansion was built in 1734 by Jan Bruygom. Later it was the house of Mayor Teunis Slagter, his wife Kaatje and his three children from an ealrier marriage. He lived there up till 1853. His wife Kaatje Slagter shows off her dollhouse and antique fire places. In the cozy dining room, a short film of Mayor’s Mansion and its inhabitants is shown. Tea, lemonade and Dutch cookies are served. The visit takes around 20 minutes and can be booked on every whole hour between 10AM and 5 PM.

In touch with the Dutch

To make your program more entertaining, your group can meet guide actors during the walk, representing famous historical persons who once lived here; Claude Monet and Tsar Peter the Great.They talk about their lives in the Zaan region.

monetClaude Monet

Monet lived in this area for four months in 1871. He made up to 25 paintings in that period. “it is quite remarkable and there is enough to paint for a lifetime here,” Monet wrote to his friend Pissarro. “Houses in all colors, hundreds of mills and delightful boats.” The Zaan period turned out to be important in his development as a painter.

Tsaar peter

Tsar Peter the Great

Tsar Peter came to Zaandam in 1696 to learn to build ships. He found refuge with a farmer whom he asked to keep his presence a secret. But his wife trumpeted around they had the Tsar over. Peter was followed everywhere by a curious crowd gazing at him. That’s why he decided to go to Amsterdam instead. His house in Zaandam is still to be admired.

You can also book Geertje and Teunis Slagter, a Spanish soldier, a Catholic nun, a miller &  whale hunters

geertje teunis soldier nun miller hunters



Scedule Indication (start at any time you like -upon availability)

09.00 – 09.30    Transfer Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans

09.30 – 11.30   1) Village Walk with Kaatje Slagter

Meet Mayor’s wife Kaatje Slagter at the bus parking. She brings you back to 1850, to the time that she lived here. Her walking tour includes a visit to the wooden shoe factory, first grocery store of Albert Heijn, the cheese farm and windmill De Huisman. For large groups we arrange several local actor guides in costume. The walking tour ends at the Mayor’s Mansion, Kaatjes own house.

Optional A): Meet other famous historical figures

During the Village Walk, actors in costume let history come to life. They share their stories, linked with the Zaan region when the group(s) pass by.

Optional B) Join a 45-minute windmill cruise and make wonderfull windmill pictures from the water.

11.30 – 12.00    2)   Private visit to the Mayor’s Mansion

The mayor’s wife welcomes you inside her Mayor’s Mansion and shows you around. She shows an interesting documentary about the history of the Mayor’s Mansion and the Zaan region.The house was built in 1734. In 1850 it belonged to Teunis Slagter, Mayor of Westzaan. In 1963 the Mayor’s Mansion was transported from Westzaan to the Zaanse Schans. In 2012 it was officially opened by Princess Beatrix and in 2017 the house was chosen as the location for the movie ‘Mata Hari, The Naked Spy.

Optional C):    Refreshments: Tea, lemonade, Dutch licorice and cookies
Optional D):    Homemade mustard soup: Prepared with mustard from mill De Huisman
Optional E):    Dutch gin and liquor tasting: Supplied by the House of Bols

12.00       Return to Amsterdam or enjoy lunch (dinner) at the Zaanse Schans

We organise lunches at the Dutch pancake bakery De Kraai, and lunches/dinners at restaurant Hoop op d’Swarte Walvis or Italian restaurant Il Mulino. If you chose the mustard soup in the Mayor’s Mansion, it can be served as a starter, with the main course/desert served in one of the restaurants.

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