Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands, and an important religious centre with many beautifull churches. Discover culinary Utrecht together with actor guide Ingrid Marsman. Her special dinner walks are informative and entertaining. She plays 3 historical women who show the city through their eyes and walks with you to 3 different locations for a 3-course dinner.

martine als begijntje

With Suster Bertken to the starter

Berta Jacobsdochter, known as Suster Bertken, lived in utrecht in 1426. She was the illegitimate daughter of Jacob van Lichtenberg, provost of the chapter of the Pieterskerk in Utrecht. After his death she invested her inheritance in a cell of around 3.75 by 4 meters built in the church and she she stayed there for 57 years until her death at the age of 87, after which she was buried in my cell.

Utrecht Trijn vd Leemput

With Trijn van Leemput to the main course

Trijn van Leemput lived on the oudegracht number 17 (now Die vergulde Craen) during the 80-years War. Her husband worked as a servant in the beer brewery of her brother, a little further on the Oudegracht. He is known, but Trijntje is legendary! She even has her own statue. It is because she attacked the Spaniards in a very brave way. She was buried in 1607 in the Dom Church.


With a brothel owner of 1713 to the desert

Prostitution has existed in Utrecht for centuries. One of the most striking periods is that of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Dozens, mostly married, diplomats then enjoyed the services of the ladies of light manners. A lady of pleasure in those days guides you to desert.

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