The Hague is the governmental city of the country. It is also where King Willem Alexander lives. Discover culinary The Hague together with actor guide Ingrid Marsman. Her special dinner walks are informative and entertaining. She plays 3 historical women who who walk with you to 3 different locations for a 3-course dinner.


With Princess Beatrix to a royal starter

Princess Beatrix meets the group at the statue of William of Orange opposite Noordeinde. She tells about her time in this Palace and the Kneuterdijk behind it. She also shows the statue of her grandmother, Wilhelmina. She is curious how much the group knows about the Royal Family. Then she walks with the group to the starter.


With Maria van Berckel to the main course

After the starter you dive into the black pages of history together with Maria van Berckel, the wife of Cornelis de Witt. The brothers de Witt were murdered in a gruesome manner. But they were not the only ones, as it appears during the walk along the statues on the court pond towards the main course on the Square.


With Aleid van Poelgeest to the dessert

We go back to time when the Knight’s Hall was built by Count William II. In the evening hours it is special to walk through the Binnenhof. Especially together with the mistress of Count Albrecht! While she brings you to the location for desert, she talks about the Hoekse and Kabeljauwse quarrels, the construction of the Binnenhof and the horrible murder of her own person.

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