Jordaan dinner walk

The Jordaan area was created at the large expansion of Amsterdam in early 17 Century, as the district for the working class and immigrants. It has many inner courtyards, beautiful yards with little houses and lovely small shops.

Your guide Jannie has lived in the Jordaan all her life. Dressed in a tiger print outfit she animates the guests and shares her stories. She feels that life was better when she was young and the people were poor but happy. Then everybody supported each other. Jannie shows her neighborhood and picturesque inner court yards.

The tour starts with a drink and Dutch ‘bitterbal’ in a brown café. Then Jannie walks with the group through the small streets to the starter, main course and the desert. During desert she shares her Dutch liquors together with the stories about love and seduction. With big groups, she brings her best friends along.


  •  Theatrical entertainment;
  • 1 drink & a snack (Dutch ‘bitterbal’) per person
  • 3 course meal in 3 cozy Jordaan restaurants


  • Lunch before the walking tour;
  • Sailing with the Jordaan boat with a typical ‘Jordaan program’, food and drinks on board
  • Workshops:  singing workshop,  pole dancing, laughing
  • Live accordion music in the bar, a Dutch singer, illusionist, etc.;

Duration:    3 hours


  • For groups from 15 to 75 persons.
  • Languages:  Dutch, English and German.
  • French, Spanish and Italian on request

Contact with Sjaan in the Jordaan

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